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Your space to stream face-to-face

Vibe brings people together —————  on your site —————  with collaborative video streams everyone can join


Vibe delivers cinematic HD video streams from phones, laptops,  events and studios

+ Stream live and recorded video
+ Join from your phone or webcam
+ Upload videos for offline streaming


Vibe transforms 1-way legacy streams → 2-way social streams everyone can join

+ Add friends and fans to your streams
+ Include up to 50 people per stream
+ Scale across infinite streams


Vibe combines your content, commerce and commerce in one place

→ Layer physical/digital goods over video
→ Sell and verify web3 tokens and access
→ Unlock member rewards and utility


Vibe looks like your brand and runs on your site —————  where you're in control

→ Stream directly on your website (or ours)
→ Change logos, colors, tickers and more
→ Own and operate your audience

Everything you need to transform boring solo streams → social group streams

Capture info from everyone who joins

Integrate web3 assets and identities

Mint tickets with native smart contracts

Invite friends and fans to join together

Connect streams, webcams and uploads

Blend media seamlessly into your streams

"Like Netflix ————  not Webex"

Create cinematic streams with add'l hardware

Drive interest with visual chat

Blast links and codes across streams

Click to join by phone or webcam

Curate guests and manage roles

Run your streams on your own site

B*tch don't kill my vibe —————  B*tch don't kill my vibe —————  B*tch don't kill my vibe —————  B*tch don't kill my vibe —————  B*tch don't kill my vibe —————  

Need a sharper webcam?
Need a better angle?
Download Vibe Pro and upgrade your streams

Vibe Pro delivers "clean" HDMI output from the native camera on your phone —————  just plug into your laptop or switcher using popular hardware (sold separately)

—————  Apple Lightning AV Adapter
—————  Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro
—————  Elgato Camlink Capture Card
—————  Ultra Slim HDMI Cable

Early Access

Vibe is launching late 2022

Early access is limited to 999 close friends and family —————  enter your contact info to apply and we'll notify you when the program opens this fall

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